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  Youth Counseling Net is our Streetcats Foundation, Streetcats Youth Ministries and One Heart for Kids new site just for youth workers and youth counselors and faith-based youth pastors with links to professional organizations, hotlines, places to get topic-specific information you may need in your day-to-day work and more. Soon, we'll add newsletters, daily news, bulletin boards, more! You can always reach us at 510 316-7100 . 

Amer. Acad. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Facts for Families)
Amer. Academy of Pediatrics
Amer. School Counselor Assoc
Natl Assoc. School Psychologists
National Assoc. Social Workers
Amer. Psychological Association
Amer. Psychiatric Association
American Psychological Society
American Counseling Association
National Education Association

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